Wristwatch warning – small stone 9

I consult my faithful, reliable, dependable and
So taken-for-granted wristwatch.
Stopped! Wrong time showing…
I wind it forward – it starts again and I carry on…

Three days I have seen the symptoms, but
Ignored the warning. Low battery!

Today I will pay attention and buy new.
Or I will find myself
Out of time.

This experience has many parallels in my life as a whole . I so often ignore the symptoms of energy levels running low, and often procrastinate and delay the recharge moments. I wonder how many of you identify with me in tending to take yourself for granted?!


2 responses to “Wristwatch warning – small stone 9

  1. Yes, I resonate! Are you a weaver? Captured by ‘just another inch to finish off this bobbin….’

    • Thank you for reading my blog and your comment, Hildred. I am not a weaver although my ancestors were linen weavers, and the house where I live is called “Weavers”. I enjoy using and creating with all sorts of textiles, and text and your “just another inch…” feeling is very familiar!
      I have loved looking at your “Daybyday” blog – wonderful descriptions and photos. We have visited the Okenagan region several times, although usually further north than you. We have family who live in BC, although I live near the southern coast of the UK.
      You have brightened my morning with your lovely blog. Thankyou!

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