“Ladybird” notebook – small stone 8

The small, smooth hardbacked notebook
Is satisfying to hold.
Its vintage cover takes me back
To the  innocent “makings” of childhood –
In uncomplicated times.

Today, this gift from my sister
Holds my lists and scribbles.
Projects, plans and ideas for “makings”
Filling me with a childlike anticipatory thrill.

You have to be of a certain generation to have been brought up on “Ladybird” books! Does anyone else out there remember them? Please post your memories,  I’d love to hear about them, and any other books from childhood…


6 responses to ““Ladybird” notebook – small stone 8

  1. Yes! I remember them very fondly. My favourite as a little girl was ‘The Little Red Hen’ who ground the wheat to make the bread. And Chicken Licken too! Oh thanks for that trip down memory lane. What a lovely stone. :))

  2. The first thing I ever won was when I was 6 or 7.It was the Ladybird Book of Ships. How I loved the book I remember today all of the illustrations. Today I have several copies and over 2500 others.

  3. Ladybird were not permitted in my home – seen as a modern trend that was not appropriate! I suffered boring Janet and John. When 10 I was being introduced to French, I recall reading from a wonderful book the size of a Beatrix Potter but all about a french mouse, dressed of course! I just disappeared into the illustrations.

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