Storm surfers – small stone 3

Waves of wind thunder and roar
Buffetting the walls of our house
Doors rattle, windows creak,
Invisible cracks whine and moan

Trees outside bob and toss
Bending and bowing, they flex and curve
Exhulting and cheering,
They surf the crashing breakers

They ride the storm – as I watch
Through windows spattered with spray.

Watching the storm raging outside this morning I could not help but be reminded of parallels with the surfers I watched yesterday from Bournemouth pier. I marvelled at their skill and timing in catching a wave and riding the surge of energy. So flexible and resilient, just like trees in the wind. I envy them….


One response to “Storm surfers – small stone 3

  1. It must be such a great feeling, riding a wave.

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