Monthly Archives: December 2011

River of small stones

Last January I joined in with the first “river of small stones” . It was a great way to slow down, and get into the habit of noticing – noticing ordinary everyday things, noticing beauty, colour, quirkyness in all sorts of places.

I have kept up the habit through the year, not every day, but when I remember. And I now have a collection of captured moments from throughout the year. Moments which would have been lost in the stream of time if I hadn’t stopped and noticed, and then recorded it in a few words. Sometimes it inspired a visual stitched picture too.

I will be joining in again this January to kick-start my awareness of the riches of all the present moments of 2012, to build a “stash” of sights, sounds, smells, colours and experiences which are the fabric of my every day life.

Why not join in yourself….?