Monthly Archives: October 2011

Here goes!

I have long been fascinated by the connections between the words “text” and “textile”. Both from the Latin “texere” – to weave, fabricate or make..

This blog journal I hope will will bring together my love of both.

Words and fabrics.

I use, create and share both of these in the pattern of my every day routine. You could say they are the warp and weft of my life!

This blog is an adventure for me in sharing my fascination and enjoyment with others (if anyone is interested) A kind of investment of my collection, my “stash” of words and fabrics, investing it by using it and making, fabricating, patching and piecing scraps, thoughts and themes into small items which others can read and perhaps use themselves.

So what am I expecting might appear here?

Constructions and creations made up of words, and fabric. Created by me from text and textiles. Put out here for you to view, use, gain ideas from or leave as you choose.

I feel nervous- what will you think of my text and textiles? Silly, boring, irrelevent, useful or even helpful? I don’t know, and it feels risky to put them on display. But the alternative is to keep it all in my stash, in my stuffed boxes and drawers, and become increasingly swamped and eventually buried by my own “stuff”.

Time to get it out and use it…

So here goes!